Meet the Coaches

Meet the Coaches

Lead RiderCoach Kenny Delebreau 

Kenny D has more than 25 years of RiderCoach experience, has been trained exclusively by MSF
and is a master educator in both classroom and range instruction.

Kenny D is also a state licensed educator with over 20+ years of regular classroom instruction experience
 recognized by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI).

This extra training and experience is specific to delivering more personalized/individualized training.


RiderCoach Bob G.

Bob has more than 40 years of riding experience, driving everything from minibikes on the farm
he grew up on, enduros, moto-cross, cruisers, sportbikes and touring bikes.

Bob has experience with riding in almost every scenario imaginable over the years.

Bob has been trained exclusively by MSF in both classroom and range instruction.


RiderCoach Tim C.

Tim has over 20 years of riding experience driving ATV’s, dirt bikes, sport bikes
and sport touring motorcycles.

Tim is a member of the Iron Butt Association of long distance riders and has received his patch
and certificate from the state of Wisconsin for his participation in the rustic roads motorcycle program.

Tim has been trained exclusively by MSF in both the classroom and range instruction.


RiderCoach Joe A.



RiderCoach Ona W.