Parts Department

We specialize in all things custom from Chrome Accents to High Performance Engine Modifications.

Our Parts Department can turn any motorcycle into the ride of your dreams. Common modifications include paints jobs, LED lights, Boom!™ audio, exhaust, front ends, handlebars, crash bars, highway pegs, chrome or blackout trim, smoked indicator lenses, custom and heated grips, floor boards, gas caps, rims, saddles, and a whole lot more.

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Seat Demo Program / Try before you buy

We are one of the only dealers around that will let you try a seat before you buy a seat. We have over 30 seats available in our inventory to try on your motorcycle. We offer a 24-hour “try before you buy” demo ride every day of the week. Stop in our call for more details. Most seats available are for motorcycles 2009 and newer.